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Description of QuickMemo+

Never forget anything important with this useful app!

These days we all have so much to do that sometimes it can be difficult to remember every task ahead whether it is something job related, a family dinner or a friend’s birthday. To make sure we don’t forget those things or even a phone number or doctor’s appointment, we often right down small note on post-its to remember them, however, too many times we just end up losing the piece of paper and forgetting things regardless.

QuickMemo+ was created to make sure that won’t ever happen to you again as it allows you to make quick notes and be remembered of them when you want. The app is specially useful as it allows you to set notifications for your different memos so you are 100% sure you won’t forget them.

Some other features were added to make your life even easier and to provide you with the best possible experience. You can set the app to start from the notification bar as well as by long pressing the search key, so you can access it quickly and without any difficulty.

QuickMemo+ also provides the option of writing a memo on the screen that you are currently on, so you keep being reminded of that important note as it is always visible when you use your phone. You can set your memos’ background to white or yellow according to your preference or the note’s importance as well as share your memo with your friends when you all have something to remember.

Download QuickMemo+ now and don’t forget to check your appointments!

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